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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Breaking Time

I took a break yesterday after I finished reworking all of my blogs and websites. I’ve made them all similar and made the copyright and Find Me spots just one place that all of the blogs and my website link back to so I only ever have to change one place from now on and they will be consistent. After that, I read for a bit. I started drinking margaritas at 1600 so then I didn’t do much of anything at all after that. I went to bed at 1930.

QV wasn’t home yet. He was kidnapped at 1400 by Big R. QV thought he was actually going to do something because Big R said he was on a mission. The only mission he was on was to go to Derby’s (the most diviest dive in town - it’s quite famous around here) and cash his check (old habits die hard for some people) and he was already drunk when he picked QV up.

QV wasn’t going to take his coat but I talked him into taking it just in case and he needed it. He hates it when I’m right. Come to think of it, most people hate it when I am right. Maybe I really need to start not telling people what they should do. I wonder if I can do that?

Look, three paragraphs that didn’t start with “I.”

The Snoogs asked me if I would consider babysitting The MM for two weeks this month while her MIL and FIL go to Florida to take care of her FIL father and his wife who need to go into homes (for some reason want to go into separate homes.) I got mad. I said no. I wanted March, this first month of unemployment, just for what I want to do. She got the message. I actually got quite hysterical but she didn’t hate me.

My emotions are a bit on a roller coaster right now. I am getting a little excited over the smallest things. Yesterday morning, I got out of hand when QV asked how to mail my papers back to TMS. He didn’t know about buying stamps. I got incredulous to the point of near insanity. Very out of proportion to the situation.

Kate Walsh (actress) said on Chelsea Lately it feels a bit like being some sort of weird criminal being out of work all of a sudden after working steady for so many years. That’s kind of how I feel sometimes.

I’m going to write today and fold clothes in the basement. My 401k went up $2,800 since I got fired. That’s a good thing because we’re going to need that money to live on for the next several months. I’ve got to build a steady daily routine for the week days. It’s already 0928 and I haven’t done much of anything except this writing but to be fair, I slept until 0830 (my first time sleeping late) and I shouldn’t - I mean I don’t want - to put so much pressure on myself this month. March is for me.


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