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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Are You?

I took a personality test yesterday. I came up as this personality type: INTJ consisting of Introvert 82% (extrovert), Intuition 12% (sensing), Thinking 4% (feeling) and Judging 6% (perceiving). Opposites of my traits are in parenthesis. Not much of a surprise that I am mostly an Introvert. Just another confirmation of why I act the way I do in the “real” world. I am working on being ok with my self-contained self. I long to be able to make small talk or mingle in a crowd of more than two or feign interest in the same stories I’ve heard more than once. But no matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t happen. I should stop trying to be what I am not and work on being the best me I can be.

I wanted to remember my dreams from last night and I did when I first woke up but then I went back to bed and turned the TV on and I lost them all. There was a winding road and car accidents and a house with very old things in it that I liked rooting through. There was also car accidents from racing wildly on the road and several dead people. There was one man who was in a relationship with one woman but when another woman lay on the ground dying (or as he thought she was dying) he professed his love for the dying woman as the first woman stood looking on in the background. I guess I remembered more than I thought I did.

My money showed up in my account this morning. We’ll be able to breath a bit easier for a little while at least. If QV goes back to work by the end of the month like he’s supposed to then we should be ok. We will be able to get the bedroom done finally, finish the closet by putting in corner shelves and installing sliding doors. Then we’ll be getting IKEA cabinets and a king size bed with a new mattress. Yay! We are putting in a floating counter under the front windows going from cabinet to cabinet as a desk/vanity. We are also putting in floating side tables on each side of the bed. I want as much off of the floor as possible.

We are getting a new couch in the living room, too. Can stand the piece of crap we currently have. It was a freebie from one of QV’s brother’s friends and it is worn out and way too low to the ground. We’re looking at a leather couch so The Codes’ hair is easier to clean up. I have bed sheet suspenders ordered from Amazon so I can clip a cover over the couch and it won’t slip so The Codes nails don’t poke through the leather.

Those are the big things. There are smaller projects that need to be finished, like the electrical plugs in the kitchen over the sink and putting up my art on the living room walls.

I was contacted by one of my co-workers from my old job. She’d like to stay in touch. I am glad someone does. After 16 years, you’d think someone would have the balls to still talk to me. I know they must all feel weird but come on. Anyway, I’m happy at least one person still wants me. :)

The guy is here from PSE&G to fix the heater. It blows cold air sometimes when it comes on even though the pilot light is on.

The Xfinity guy is due here this morning too. He is coming to give me a new DVR box since I can’t get any of my Premium channels. I just noticed I am missing some of my recordings. I wonder if I deleted them by accident since the remote and the box don’t communicate very well with each other. Sometimes you press the remote and it doesn’t connect with the box. Then when you press the button too many times out of frustration then it does too many things at once and you end up deleting shows. I hope the new box fixes all of that.

A bit wordy today.


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